About Where The Dogwood Blooms

Hey there! Welcome to Where The Dogwood Blooms. Thank y’all so much for stopping by. I’m Cassie Clark, and this site has been my home since March of 2021. I launched Where The Dogwood Blooms to help preserve the cultural heritage of North Carolina.

As an 8th generation North Carolinian, I witness the living traditions of NC every day. The patchworked culture I grew up in has Native American, European, and African origins. These cultural traditions blended to create a unique Southern subculture.

Here on the blog, I share North Carolina’s cultural heritage by talking about life as I know it in my home state. Through stories, photography, and dialect, I encourage others to explore the traditions, locations, and flavors that have drawn people to NC for over 300 years.

Meet the Family


I’m a Carolina girl with deep roots in the Tar Heel State. My mama’s family is from Wilmington and the Uwharries, while my daddy’s is pure Appalachian – making me a “coastal hillbilly.”

I spent my early years with my Mamaw and Papaw in Canton, NC. The time I spent wandering the hills gave me a passion for history, nature, and strong family ties.

Like most Southern women, I love to garden, use my fair share of colorful language, and appreciate a good pig pickin’.


Brandon is my husband. He’s put up with me since we were 18 years old (may the good Lord bless him for that!). He’s from here in the Sandhills, where we live and raise our two girls. He’s your classic Southern gentleman; he opens doors, waves at everyone, and has never met a stranger.

Bug & Belle

Bug and Belle are our daughters. They’re like night and day.

Bug, the oldest, is shy and quiet. She’s an old soul. Responsible beyond her years, she keeps the rest of us in line.

Belle is the baby. She’s the one who is making me pay for my raisin’. Fiery and opinionated, Belle will tell you exactly what’s on her mind.

Bunches: Cassie and Kodecker


My baby sister is 14 years younger than me. She never grew out of tagging along with her big Sissy – so sometimes she joins in on our adventures.