10 North Carolina Blogs You Will Love

While scrolling through my Feedly account, I realized it looks a lot like a who’s who list of North Carolina bloggers. I make no apologies; NC has got talent. Which inspired me to share some of my favorite North Carolina-based blogs with y’all today.

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The Legend of Boojum and Hootenanny

Resort patrons favored Eagle Nest Hotel for the access it provided to sulfur springs in the area, which they believed to have healing properties. These vacationers soon heard whispers of a strange creature roaming nearby forests.

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A Day Trip to the NC Zoo

This is a day trip I have wanted to take for years. Why? The NC Zoo is one of the best in the country, and it is THE largest natural habitat zoo in the world. It sits on 2600 acres, 500 of which are developed. It’s home to 1800 animals and over 200 species. Plus, you can get up close and personal with…

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