4.8.24 1

Well, I Swanny

I recently shared a list of my favorite Southernisms for moments of exasperation on Twitter. One of those phrases was, “Well, I swanny.” It’s one Mamaw used often.

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3.15.24 9

Celebrating Three Years

Three years ago, I sat in front of a blank computer screen. A single goal in mind – help preserve North Carolina culture. And with no clue what I was getting myself into, I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

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3.12.24 3

Bost Grist Mill

The corn Grandpa grew was used to feed mules, cows, hogs, and chickens, but enough was saved to be ground into cornmeal for his family. When Grandma needed cornmeal, Grandpa filled a sack with dry-shelled corn and took it with him on the mule to the mill.

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