Coquina Clams

Living in a flat, landlocked part of the state is hard for me. I feel pulled in two opposite directions at all times. When the mountains arenโ€™t calling me home, the ocean is.

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The Beast of Bladenboro

Bladen County is predominately rural. A few small towns are scattered across the landscape, providing locals with work opportunities. Otherwise, farming is still a primary way of life. The rest of the county is dense forests and swamplands teeming with bears, bobcats, and other beasts.

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The other day, I found myself in downtown Fayetteville. Since I was in the area, I decided to make a pit stop by Campbellton Landing. Today, it’s a spot for local events – but long ago, ‘Campbelton’ was a thriving village on the west bank of the Cape Fear River.

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