Carrying High

Look at that baby bump, y’all! My cousin, Maddie, is set to pop in July. Since her shower is scheduled for the weekend of Brandon’s birthday, Belle and I went to Whiteville for an early visit. We wanted to drop off presents and get in some time with mama before the baby arrives.

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Poison Ivy

This weekend we spent a lot of time working out in the yard. Bug’s graduation party is right around the corner, and I’m clearing a spot for a raised bed garden. While cutting back Nandina, I found myself with an armful of poison ivy. The vine had wound its way up through the “heavenly bamboo,” and I didn’t spot it until it was already in my hands.

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The Fayetteville Arsenal

I took the girls to the Museum of the Cape Fear Complex a few months ago, and we walked through the ruins of the Fayetteville Arsenal. We’ve walked through Arsenal Park a half dozen times over the last couple of years, but this was the first time I stopped to read the signs posted around the ruins.

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