Traditional Appalachian Music

My great-Papaw Cochran playing the banjo is one of my earliest and foggiest memories. The memory is so faint, sometimes I wonder if it happened at all. My family assures me my memory is correct; Papaw Cochran played the banjo up into his 90s.

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Full of Piss and Vinegar

Did anyone ever tell you that you were full of piss and vinegar when you were growing up? I must’ve heard it a million times. I was a wild child. I talked a mile a minute and often put my foot in my mouth. Belle’s like that too.

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8 Hours In Brunswick County

Last Sunday, I loaded Belle up and headed off to Brunswick County. The plan was to get in town and have enough time to go sightseeing before attending an afternoon birthday party. Leaving at 6 am gave us 8 hours in Brunswick County; here’s what we did with our time.

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