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10 North Carolina Blogs You Will Love

This past month kicked my butt, y’all. No joke – it was rough. We took a trip home to the mountains, attended a heart-wrenching funeral in Wilmington, and saw a dream-come-true GNR concert at PNC Arena. When we weren’t on the road, we were prepping for the next event, squeezing in chores, homeschooling, or planning Bug’s 18th birthday.

After Bug’s celebration, I decided to finally sneak in some r & r. For me, that means curling up under a blanket with a glass of scuppernong wine to catch up on all the blog posts I missed over the last four weeks. #teamnoshame

While tipsily (yes, tipsily is a word) scrolling through my Feedly account, I realized it looks a lot like a who’s who list of North Carolina bloggers. I make no apologies; NC has got talent. Which inspired me to share some of my favorite North Carolina-based blogs with y’all today.

10 North Carolina Blogs You Will Love

NC Tripping

Imagine an entire blog dedicated to exploring North Carolina. Thanks to Christina and Carl of NC Tripping, you don’t have to imagine. The power couple’s blog is an insider’s guide to everything there is to do here in the Old North State. I cain’t even lie: I’m obsessed.

Get Going NC

You knew there would be a hiking blog on this list, right? I mean, it’s not like I’m hiding my passion for the great outdoors. I’m always looking for a new hiking adventure here in North Carolina, and that’s how I discovered Joe of Get Going NC. The blog is a NC hiker’s dream. It’s full of hiking tips and trail suggestions. If you’re outdoorsy – this one is definitely for you.

Blind Pig & The Acorn

Tipper of Blind Pig & The Acorn might just be my favorite blogger of all time. Her site isn’t just a blog – it’s a work of Appalachian folk art. Weaving in recipes, music, musings, and daily life with a thick accent, Tipper captures the rich cultural heritage of Appalachia better than anyone else.

NC Eat & Play

Megan gives phenomenal recommendations over at NC Eat & Play. She covers what you would expect – food and fun in North Carolina. Her blog photos are beautiful, she has her own podcast, and she seems like the sweetest person. I seriously can’t get enough.

Midlife Margaritas

Missy from Midlife Margaritas is who I want to be when I grow up. She tackles each day with a margarita in hand, a sense of humor, and a few well-placed cusswords. Missy proves that midlife doesn’t have to be a crisis; it can be a discussion on whether pineapples are symbols of welcome or a sign for swingers. Full of personality, this blog will have you wanting to grow up to be Missy too.

The Boho Diaries

Real talk: I’m not the biggest fan of fashion-based lifestyle blogs. However, I make the occasional exception, and The Boho Diaries is one of them. Nicki’s fashion sense, home projects, and adventures are all realistic for the average mom. If Missy is who I want to be when I grow up, then Nicki is who I want to be right now.

The Mrs. Tee

The Mrs. Tee has been one of my favorite blogs for a few years now. Unlike most other bloggers, Tiffany doesn’t limit herself by niche restraints. She talks about EVERYTHING. She doesn’t fit into a box, and neither does her blog. That’s what makes The Mrs. Tee so appealing.

Adventures of Frugal Mom

Melissa of Adventures of Frugal Mom is another blogger who doesn’t limit herself to any single niche. She’s a midlife mama who shares thoughts on everything from pet care to living life during the pandemic. This one is perfect for anyone who likes variety and enjoys the occasional craft. Yes, please!

Go the Adventure Way

Go the Adventure Way is what happens when a Christian family from North Carolina starts a travel blog. With tons of travel information and gorgeous photos, this blog makes me want to hop in the car right now to head out on my next escapade.

I’m Fixin To

Another exception to my general aversion to fashion-based lifestyle blogs is I’m Fixin To. Meghan is a true North Carolina cheerleader. She makes great recommendations on where to eat, travel, and what NC products to buy. Is it really a shocker that I’m hooked on this one?

There you have it, y’all, 10 North Carolina Blogs You Will Love! Who are your favorite NC bloggers?

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  1. Rachel Abi wrote:

    YASS! Love this list. I knew some of them but not all. Such a help. Glad I found this 😀

    Published 11.30.23
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank ya, ma’am! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😉

      Published 12.1.23
  2. Gid wrote:

    What a great list! Definitely going to check these out

    Published 4.8.24