Airing Out The House

Brandon is obsessed with airing out the house. If the temp is between 70 and 75, he flings open the doors and windows.

It reminds me of Mamaw. She kept the windows and doors open from May through September – even as we slept.

During the day, the sounds of twittering birds and chattering squirrels floated through the house. And at night, the creek sang us lullabies.

I slept like a baby in the cross breeze created by the open windows.

It took me years to fall asleep soundly after I moved to Wilmington. I missed the soft hoot of owls in the night and the babbling branch.

Mama didn’t air out the house very often. We had air conditioning, and she wasn’t about to let the good air out.

Grandma and Grandpa left their doors and windows open in Wilmington, though. There was no AC at their house. They depended on a dark interior and fans. It was nice and cool – except for when Grandma cooked.

Brandon considers airing out the house this time of year as having free AC. He’s not wrong. We cut down on the power bill by opening everything up.

There are tons of other benefits, too. The ventilation reduces the number of germs in the house, neutralizes odors, lowers indoor pollution levels, and diminishes condensation.

I don’t really need any of those benefits to enjoy an open house, though. Sitting on the couch and feeling the fresh air on my face is reason enough.

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