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Chester Drawers

I took tons of photos in Williamsburg last year of interiors and furniture to use as inspiration for decorating. While scrolling through them last night, I came across this one of chester drawers.

Yup. That’s how I say it. And yes, I know it’s *technically* incorrect. I’ve always said it that way, though. I can’t remember the first time I heard someone say chest of drawers, but it was probably sometime in high school.

I tried to look up the origins of the term. I didn’t find much. One site claims it comes from an old English dialect that pronounced chest as “chester.” I could find no other references to back the claim up.

Another listed chester drawers as one of the top 100 mispronunciations in the English language.

Brandon and Bug say chester too. But Belle, the little rebel, says it with perfect pronunciation. She might be the only person I know who does.

How do you say it? Is it a chest of drawers, or is it chester drawers?

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  1. Tipper Pressley wrote:

    Definitely chester drawers!

    Published 4.18.23
    • Cassie wrote:

      Amen! 😉

      Published 4.19.23
      • Ron Robertson wrote:

        I second that!

        Published 4.20.23