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Do You Like Butter?

Have you ever held a buttercup under someone’s chin to see if they like butter? According to folklore, if their chin glows yellow, they do.

Mamaw taught me this old-timey lore when I was little. In all the years I plucked buttercups to test who likes butter, I never found someone whose chin didn’t reflect yellow.

I tried to find out where this childhood game originated but found no answer. It must be at least 100 years old, though. Mamaw grew up during the depression and learned the game from her older sister, Aunt Jean.

The old lore seems to be falling to the wayside. Bug and Belle had never heard of it until we visited Williamsburg a few months back. They watched in judgment as my cousin, Mechelle, and I chased each other around with buttercups for three days straight.

How about y’all? Did you grow up on this traditional children’s game?

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