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Like A Long Tailed Cat

I’m feeling like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Do y’all know what I mean?

I’ve got the jitters. 

My belly is full of butterflies. 

I’ve got cold feet. 

That’s right, I am nervous.

In 3 days, I order the rest of the equipment needed to start the Where the Dogwood Blooms podcast. Next week, I follow up on interview invites and start scheduling discussions. After that comes recording.

I’ve known this was coming for months. Yet I woke up this morning wondering how I got myself into this. 

What was I thinking? I have no idea. I’m a worrier. An overthinker.

Writing is my comfort zone. Give me something to research, a little white noise, and solitude – my mind hyperfocuses. Those hours spent lost in a blank page are pure bliss.

Public speaking? Yikes. That’s a nightmare. It opens you up – and exposes raw nerves out loud. There is no backspace for the spoken word.

So here I sit, like a long-tailed cat, because of something I got myself into.

Am I gonna quit before I even get started? No. Mama raised a foul-mouthed, fiery, opinionated ball of anxiety – but she didn’t raise no quitter.

Besides, the whole point behind starting the podcast is to find a whole new way to celebrate life in North Carolina, share new stories, and explore the viewpoints of other natives.

Someone pass me a Xanax. The show will go on.

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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    That’s a new one for me (and it’s fantastic!).

    I’m definitely in awe of anyone who hosts a podcast, YouTube channel, etc. Public speaking is *so* hard – but at least you’ll have the gift of editing magic. I can’t wait to listen!

    Published 9.13.23
    • Cassie wrote:

      Awww! Thank you! Public speaking is one of my biggest fears. The podcast will have a more intimate-discussion kind of vibe – I hope that’ll help keep my nerves in check! 😉

      Published 9.14.23
  2. Yes the show will go on and I can’t wait for the listen.

    Published 9.18.23
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thank you, Melissa! I’m scheduling my first discussions this week. Recording starts next week. Wish me luck! <3

      Published 9.19.23