Looking A Bit Peaked

Covid is still making its way through our house. Mamaw would say that everyone is looking a bit peaked around the eyes. She’d be right too. Both of the girls look pitiful. One glimpse of them, and you can tell they’re not feeling too good.

Peaked is a funny word. Pronounced “peek-id,” it means sickly. I never understood why Mamaw associated it with people’s eyes, but she did. She had a sixth sense about illnesses – often knowing someone was sick before it hit them.

I didn’t inherit Mamaw’s talent for spotting sicknesses ahead of time but I picked up her phrasing. Apparently, the girls have picked up on it too. When I asked Bug if she knew what it meant, she reminded me that she’s spent every day of her life with me. I guess I say it more often than I thought I did.

Do you ever tell your kids they’re looking a bit peaked?

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