Meet Axl

If you’ve been following WTDB for a while, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t written much over the last few months. This cute little guy is the reason why! Y’all meet Axl.

Those who follow along on social media probably already know about the new pup. I haven’t been able to stop myself from blowing up my Instagram stories or Twitter feed with pictures of that sweet face.

Axl is a red European/American Doberman mix. Registered as Appetite for Destruction, he is doing his best to live up to that name. His European genes are strong, and he has more drive than I’m used to.

Luckily, my daddy loved working dogs. I watched him train hounds to hunt everything from coons to bears. So when I realized Axl was going to be a handful, I knew he would need more training than I could do on my own. We put him in obedience class at 12 weeks and when it ended, we signed up for Schutzhund.

For the last three months, I’ve been focused on training, socialization, trips to the vet, and walks around the culdesac. I squeeze in my daily chores when Axl naps. My busy schedule hasn’t allowed much time for blog upkeep.

I feel like something is starting to shift recently, though. Axl is almost through with teething, has completed potty training, and mouths everything a lot less. Every day he gets a little more comfortable around strangers and confident in unfamiliar situations.

The puppy stage is coming to an end. I’ve been warned about the Doberteen phase, but I’m looking forward to getting him out of the house more. That’s what we got him for – to be a companion to me on my travels.

Axl is shaping up to be the perfect pup for the job. He’s a total mama’s boy. I love it. We spend every waking moment together. We’ve never had a dog that preferred me over Brandon. Even Scrappy, who obviously loved me, loved Brandon more.

I don’t begrudge my hubby that, but I’m excited about finally getting to experience that kind of relationship for myself.

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