Scooter Pootin’

We are knee-deep in having new hardwoods installed in our den. Since the house is a wreck and there’s so much racket from power tools that you can’t hear yourself think, I decided to take the girls and Axl out scooter pootin’.

Yesterday, we left the house at 8:30 in the morning with no destination in mind. We ended up riding all the way to Swansboro. We stopped for breakfast, went to Liberty Hall in Kenansville, and walked around Hammocks Beach State Park. We didn’t get back home until close to 4.

Some people don’t enjoy being cooped up in the car like that, but I was born to scooter poot. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved to be in the car with the stereo jacked. The more company, the better. It’s a trait I inherited from Daddy. He loved to ride around and cut up too.

After breakfast, we’re hopping in the car to burn the roads up again today. I haven’t decided where we’re going yet. I reckon we’ll wing it. Maybe we’ll head west this time.

Do you like scooter pootin’ too? If so, where do the roads usually lead you?

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