Carrying High

Look at that baby bump, y’all! My cousin, Maddie, is set to pop in July. Since her shower is scheduled for the weekend of Brandon’s birthday, Belle and I went to Whiteville for an early visit. We wanted to drop off presents and get in some time with mama before the baby arrives.

As soon as we got out of the car and saw Maddie’s baby bump, my mind went straight to the old wives’ tale: carrying low is a boy; high is a girl. Maddie is seven months along, and she’s carrying high. You know what that means! 

Nope! It’s a boy.

I’ve heard this lore millions of times over the years. Of course, it’s rarely an accurate predictor. I carried low in both pregnancies, and everyone swore I’d have boys. We all know how that turned out! Though the way I carried my girls didn’t reveal their gender, some of the other predictors nailed it. 

There are tons of ways to foretell a baby’s gender – and the first time you get pregnant, you hear them all. They’re seared in my mind after two pregnancies. Though they aren’t foolproof, I still use them just like all the women before me. Even if they’re inaccurate – it’s always fun to guess.

Other Ways to Predict a Baby’s Gender

  • Growing body hair? It’s a boy!
  • Craving Sweets? It’s a girl!
  • Are you moody? It’s a girl.
  • Baby’s heart rate under 140? Boy.
  • Is all of your weight in your belly? Boy.
  • Warm feet? Girl.
  • Morning Sickness? Girl.
  • Dry skin? Boy.
  • Hubby gaining sympathy weight? Girl.

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