Poison Ivy

We spent a lot of time working out in the yard yesterday. Bug’s graduation party is right around the corner, and I’m clearing a spot for a raised bed garden. While cutting back Nandina, I found myself with an armful of poison ivy. The vine had wound its way up through the “heavenly bamboo,” and I didn’t spot it until it was in my hands.

As soon as I figured out what I was holding, I ran inside to shower and wash my clothes. So far, I only have a tiny rash. I’m hoping it doesn’t spread over the next 24 hours. I guess we’ll see.

Thank God; I’m not as allergic to it as Brandon. All he needs to do is stand near it, and next thing you know, it’s in his eyes. The rest of us don’t seem to have as many problems with it. Bug and I break out with mild rashes, but Belle hasn’t ever had it at all.

Maybe Belle is like my daddy. He was immune to poison ivy. I don’t know how or why – but he could pull it up with his bare hands and never have a reaction. I wish I possessed that gene!

Unfortunately, I don’t. But up until now, we’ve been blessed enough to never have poison ivy invade any of our yards. So how do you get rid of this menace? I called my Uncle Kenny to find out.

Uncle Kenny owns a tree service, so he’s always dealing with poison ivy. Here’s what he had to say:

Poison Ivy Killer will kill it. Weedkillers won’t. Dig it up and put it in the trash. Use Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash up afterward. Cold water only. If you wash it off in under 15 minutes, you’re golden. Wash your clothes with warm water and Dawn to get the poison off them.

The poison will get on you from the wind blowing – you don’t have to touch it to get it.

Uncle Kenny

I guess that’s a battle I’ll be fighting this week. Not today, though. Today, I’m applying Calamine lotion – and trying not to scratch.

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