March Madness

As you probably already know, March Madness is currently underway. Which is a HUGE deal when you’re from North Carolina. Collectively, our state schools have won the national title 13 times! That puts us 2 wins behind California for the state with the most national championships.

I’m incredibly proud of myself for even knowing that! I’m not exactly what you’d call a sports fan. When I was growing up, basketball didn’t mean much to me. My family wasn’t really into sports except for Nascar. Of course, that all changed when I married Brandon.

Brandon is a total guys-guy, and sports is a way of life for him. Football is his bread and butter, but he enjoys basketball during March Madness. Over the years, I’ve picked up a little knowledge from his sports rants.

Being the only man in the house, Brandon had to get creative about getting us involved in sports. He managed to pull it off by turning sporting events into holidays for us. We have finger-food-Thanksgiving during the Super Bowl and our own March Madness bracket competition for basketball. The person who racks up the most bracket points gets to pick any dinner they want – nothing is off the table.

Believe it or not, I’m the reigning champ! Wish me luck. This year, I’m craving surf and turf. 😉

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