Railroad Tracks

Brandon and I went to pick up his truck from the mechanic, and he reminded me to lift my feet as we passed over the railroad tracks. I’d all but forgotten about this bit of folklore until Brandon jogged my memory.

I remember this little tradition from back in Wilmington during high school. My car would be packed full of teenagers – and every one of us knew to lift our feet as we passed over the railroad tracks. It’s supposed to be good luck. 

Brandon and his friends did the same. We kept the tradition alive until the girls were born, and our parental instincts kicked in. Since then, the superstition has fallen to the wayside in our house.

I tried to look up where it came from – but I couldn’t find an origin for it. I can’t help wondering if lifting your feet is related to it being bad luck to walk on the train tracks. 

Did any of y’all grow up with this superstition about the railroad tracks? If not, did you grow up with any of these?

Superstitions About Trains & Railroad Tracks

  • Never count the cars on a train as it passes you by.
  • Honk your horn for luck when you drive under a bridge with a train on it.
  • Touch a screw for safe passage before crossing the train tracks.
  • A penny placed on the tracks can derail a train.
  • Hammer railroad spikes into the four corners of your property to protect against evil.

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