More Horror Movies Filmed In NC

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you already know – I’m a horror movie fanatic.

The obsession started when I first moved to Wilmington as a little girl. On Friday nights, Mama popped popcorn and cuddled up with me on the couch for horror movie fests.

Mama always fell asleep before the first movie was over. But I hunkered down in the crook of her knees, watching scary movies until I couldn’t hold my eyes open anymore.

Those are some of my favorite childhood memories. Nothing feels as safe and comforting as curling up next to your mama.

I treasured those moments so much that I carried on the tradition with Bug and Belle. Every Friday night when they were little, we had scary movie night.

It’s something we still do, especially during spooky season.

In honor of that tradition, I thought I’d share some more horror movies filmed in NC with y’all. Below you’ll find 9 binge-worthy movies to enjoy before Halloween passes us by. Enjoy!

More Horror Movies Filmed In NC to Watch Before Halloween

The Rage: Carrie 2

Rachel Lang is an outcast in her high school, facing bullying and ostracism from her peers. When her best friend commits suicide following a humiliating prank, Rachel discovers her supernatural abilities.

Filming Locations: Charlotte and Dallas

Evil Dead 2

Ash Williams and his girlfriend, Linda, face demonic forces during a cabin retreat in the woods. As Ash confronts increasingly horrifying and supernatural events, he is forced to battle grotesque entities and his own possessed hand.

Filming Locations: Wadesboro and Lilesville

Halloween Kills

Haddonfield is in chaos. Laurie Strode, her family, and the community must unite to confront the unkillable Michael Myers, who continues his deadly rampage. As the town fights for survival, they are forced to reckon with the true evil lurking in their midst.

Filming Locations: Wilmington

Cat’s Eye

A horror anthology film based on three stories by Stephen King, linked together by a mysterious traveling cat.

Filming Locations: Wilmington

The Exorcist III

Lieutenant William F. Kinderman investigates a series of gruesome murders bearing the signature of a long-dead serial killer. Kinderman begins to suspect the involvement of an evil force that defies explanation, ultimately leading him to confront the possibility of supernatural possession.

Filming Locations: Wilmington

The Disappointments Room

Dana and David move into a new house in the countryside with their son. Despite her husband’s warnings, Dana becomes obsessed with a locked door in the attic. As her mental state deteriorates, Dana begins to experience terrifying visions and is haunted by ghosts of the previous inhabitants. She must confront the dark past of the room before it consumes her and her family.

Filming Locations: Greensboro

The Black Phone

Finney Shaw is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger and locked in an isolated basement. As he struggles to escape, he discovers an old rotary phone in the room that connects him to the spirits of the dead children who were previously held captive in the same room.

Filming Locations: New Hanover, Brunswick, and Columbus counties

Cabin Fever 2

After a contaminated water supply affects the high school students, chaos ensues as the infection rapidly spreads. The students must fight to survive as they confront gruesome and gory consequences.

Filming Locations: Wilmington

Scream (2022)

Sam Carpenter returns to Woodsboro as a student and is soon haunted by her family connection to the original Ghostface killings. As the new Ghostface killer terrorizes the town, she and her friends must grapple with their past and attempt to unmask the new threat.

Filming Locations: Wilmington

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