Patio Makeover

I’m a porch sitter, y’all. I always have been. When I was little, I’d sit on the back porch after dinner with Papaw to listen to the creek and watch the cattle graze. After I moved to Wilmington, I’d sit on mama’s front porch to star gaze. It’s something I’ve never grown out of.

As much as I love our house, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the front porch. It isn’t big enough for the rocking chairs and porch swings I love so much. Honestly, there’s not room for much other than a couple of potted ferns. We do have a big ol’ patio, though.

We neglected it after moving in. Not because I wanted to – but because so many other things were more important. When we decided to host a pig pickin’ for Bug’s graduation party, suddenly, the patio became an essential part of our home. And a patio makeover got moved to the top of the totem.

I started with what we had. Our old white rocking chair got a coat of black paint, and I turned the base of an old woodstove into a table by painting it black and adding a grey granite slab as a top. I’m in love with the table, y’all! It’s so freaking cute!

Then I purchased two sets of 2 Soliwood Adirondack chairs in raw wood from Amazon with a matching folding table. I assembled the chairs and stained them with Thompson’s Waterseal in Chestnut Brown.

I finished everything off by adding potted plants and cafe lights. These little touches gave the patio a simple charm. The patio makeover took about three weeks to complete, and it turned out beautiful!

I’m in love with the whole setup. I find myself wandering out there more and more as the weeks pass. It’s not a porch, but it’ll do!

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