Planning A Homeschool Graduation

I can’t believe my sweet little Bug gets her diploma in just a few short months. I should’ve started planning a homeschool graduation at the beginning of the year! I drug my feet, though. I think I’ve been in denial – I’m just not ready for this.

Ready or not, time is marching on. Since I procrastinated, I have a mere ten weeks to pull this event together. I’m not freaking out, though! Stressing will only make things harder. Instead, I’m putting together a game plan. Here’s what it looks like:

Planning A Homeschool Graduation

Make Ceremony Decisions

There are tons of options for homeschool graduations, ranging from formal group ceremonies to laidback backyard affairs. Bug is my shy girl. The idea of standing in front of our family and friends with all eyes on her makes her squeamish. I get it. This is her day, so we’ve decided to skip over the pomp. Rather than hosting a traditional ceremony, we’re holding a simple, down-home graduation party.

Cap & Gown

Since we did senior photos a couple of weeks ago, I’ve already ordered Bug’s cap and gownPraise Jesus for small blessings! Even without the traditional ceremony, she’ll need this for her party.

We’re not making Bug walk across a stage, give a speech or anything else that will make her uncomfortable. However, she will need to don a cap and gown – at least for the beginning of the party. That way, her loved ones will be able to snap photos with the grad.

Senior Photos

This has already been checked off the list too! Bug decided what style of graduation photos she wanted, and I found a comparable local photographer. Now I just have to order prints before the celebration, so I can mat one of them to use as a guest book.

The Class Ring

I know, I know: class rings are hokey. But I wanted to observe some of the traditional public school customs surrounding graduation. Instead of the unsightly traditional rings, Bug chose a signet ring. I have to take her to get her finger sized and place our order. Hopefully, it’ll be in before graduation.

Finalize Transcripts

Every year for the last four years, I’ve updated Bug’s transcripts at the end of the year. So this one will be easy. I just need to enter the information from this year and hit print.

The Diploma

The sky is the limit when it comes to options for homeschool diplomas. They can be printed out from the home computer or custom ordered to mimic those handed out by public schools. We have opted for the latter.

As much as I’d like to go ahead and get this out of the way, Bug has to wrap up her classes first. By mid-May, I’ll be able to determine Bug’s GPA for the year. Right now, it’s looking like she’ll graduate cum laude. When the grades are in, I can order a custom diploma.

Invites, Announcements, & Thank You Cards

I’ve already made the guest list, but I haven’t ordered any stationary yet! I’m going to get them and senior photo prints from Snapfish. Two birds, one stone. I’ll be placing a rush order this weekend.

Graduation Gift

Brandon and I have tossed around a few graduation gift ideas but haven’t come up with anything we both love. We still have plenty of time to figure this one out, so right now – it’s pretty low on the totem pole.


Bug chose her own graduation colors – black and gold. She always goes classic. I love that about her. Decorations and party favors will coordinate with her school colors.

Pick A Menu

Our grad wants a traditional pig pickin’, so she made the menu easy for us! Plus, it’s such a great tie-in to her heritage. I couldn’t have picked a better meal if I’d tried.

There you have it! All of Bug’s homeschool graduation plans are laid out. Now I just have to get it all done in time!

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