Plant Paradise: Green Side Up

Guess who finally nagged wore Brandon down enough to get him on board with a trip to the nursery?? That’s right! He gave me the green light to take a trip to Green Side Up. As soon as the words fell out of his mouth, I grabbed Belle and headed off to plant paradise.

That’s not a joke – Green Side Up really is a plant paradise! They have greenhouses overflowing with plants and fields of bushes that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

We loaded up on traditional North Carolina plants for the front yard: azaleas, gardenias, a camellia, and lavender. I got two ferns for the front porch and even bought Belle a Venus Flytrap. She aptly named her new plant baby Cthulhu, Lord of the Flies. (Sweet baby Jesus, I love that kid!)

We came straight home and put the new bushes in the ground. Unfortunately, there’s still some transplanting to do, mulch to lay, and a handful more plants to buy. It’s hard to stress about the remaining landscaping when I have all these pretty blooms to look at, though!

Taylor’s Perfection Camellia

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