A Walk In Clark Park Nature Preserve

When I said I have a healthy appreciation for the outdoors, it may have been an understatement. In reality, I have a full-blown obsession with it. It’s an addiction, really. As soon as the weather warms up in the Spring, I’m out the door. I write out on the patio, picnic often, and drag the young’uns to every hiking trail I can find.

Though the girls aren’t the biggest fans of hiking, they usually tag along to appease me. It helps if I offer to stop for food on the way or ice cream after. Which is how I convinced them to take a walk in Clark Park Nature Preserve with me a couple of weeks ago. A big thank you to Baldinos for helping me get my little homebodies out of the house.

Clark Park is probably my favorite Fayetteville area park. It has a nature center, hiking trails, a waterfall (which I continually fail to get a decent photo of), and a playground. We usually start with the nature center to peek in on the turtles and snakes, but we skipped it this time. Instead, we opted to sit at the picnic tables to grab a bite before walking a few of the shorter trails.

After our picnic, we took the Wetlands and Laurel trails. They total out at just under a mile. It’s a long enough walk to snap a few photos and listen to the girls chatter back and forth. Listening to them giggle and gossip always brings joy to my heart. Even if I have to bribe them for this time together, I know one day they’ll look back on these walks with their mama and smile.

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