Who Do You Take After?

Has anyone ever told you that you “take after” one of your parents? Belle’s probably sick of hearing it by now. There’s no denying that she’s my young’un. She resembles me, except for her eyes. Those came from her daddy.

I could’ve written that same description of myself. I look so much like my mama that strangers recognize me as her daughter. That did not work out to my advantage as a teenager. It’s hard to get away with anything when you’re the spitting image of your mama.

There are strong genes in my maternal line. Like Belle and me, my mama is a rerun of my grandma. I wonder if the same was true for grandma and her mother?

It’s funny how genetics work. I look like a replica of my mama – yet, Kodecker is not my mama’s child, and we favor. I think that’s because we both inherited daddy’s eyes.

Bug and Belle share both parents; still, they’re night and day. Where Belle looks like me, Bug looks like Brandon. You can still tell they’re sisters, though. It’s in their big baby blues.

Brandon and his brother are like that too. Brandon looks like Mama Clark, while his brother favors Papa Clark. Still, as young adults, they looked like twins.

Of course, looks aren’t the only way you can “take after” someone. I look like my mama but act like my daddy. Belle is the same.

How about you? Who do you take after?

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