Sick As A Dog

Axl is a goofy thing. I snapped that picture the other day at the vet. He’s such a goober. You’d never know he’s been sick as a dog lately.

Is that a Southernism? Sick as a dog. I’m not sure. But I’ve heard it a lot over the years. It’s my mama’s favorite way to describe being sick.

Growing up, I always wondered: why is a dog’s illness the epitome of a nasty sickness? Over the past two weeks, I’ve learned why.

Out of nowhere, Axl stopped eating like normal. Then, he started having stomach problems. At one point, we couldn’t get him to eat or drink. He lost a few pounds.

So we went to the vet. Not once. Not twice. But three times.

My pup was administered subcutaneous fluids for dehydration twice. We brought home both anti-diarrheal and anti-nausea meds. Plus, dewormer. And he has to eat hypoallergenic dog food for the next two months.

Over the past two days, he’s started eating and drinking again – as long as it’s out of somebody’s hand. Y’all should see us over here doing the airplane with kibble to get an 85-pound Doberman to eat his food.

I swear, the bigger the dog, the bigger the baby.

We still don’t know what caused all of this. We’re waiting on some test results right now.

I’m praying it was just a little virus. Food allergies are a much bigger issue – and I don’t want to see my pup sick as a dog again.

Once was enough.

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