Celebrating Two Years

Where the Dogwood Blooms turned two on Wednesday. I can’t believe I’m already celebrating two years! Seriously, y’all, time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday that I sat down to write my first blog post.

This last year was so busy that it’s hard to keep up with all that’s happened. Here’s a recap:

Of course, that’s failing to mention several trips to Wilmington, Brunswick County, and an FSU football game.

I made some new friends too! I met up with Melissa from Adventures of Frugal Mom for lunch. She’s a total sweetheart, and I hope we’ll get together again as soon as the weather warms up.

Then there was a phone call with Candi Elson from Clan Cochrane of North America about this year’s Highland Games. I’ll fill y’all in on that soon. 😉

It’s hard to imagine we stuffed so much into a single year! With all that going on, somehow, WTDB managed to keep growing. The blog was again featured on the 80 Best North Carolina Blogs list. And thanks to y’all, readership and social media follows are up well over 100% this year.

These achievements remind me of why we should always keep pushing forward. So while I’m celebrating two years of WTDB, I’m also planning for the blog’s future.

Here are my blog goals for year three:

  • Produce more content. My blog topic idea list is a country-mile long, and I’ll never get through them without tackling a more rigorous posting schedule.
  • Be more active in the blogging community. I want to meet other bloggers and learn more about the craft.
  • Continue to expand WTDB’s social media community.
  • Write more about the little things. I’m always waiting for inspiration to strike about some big popular topic. Doing so means I’m ignoring all the little things that make North Carolina living so sweet.

Thank y’all for celebrating two years with me today! I’m looking forward to the upcoming year. I sure hope you’ll stick around for the rest of 2023!

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